Communications strategy. Positioning. publicity. Content Development. New Business development. Lead Generation.

My goal is to capitalize on your creative vision and ensure that you have an effective communications strategy, clear goals for developing new business leads and a positive outlook for your business. I always strive to work toward the goals you have set for yourself and your firm.

You are more invested in the growth of your business than anyone else.

Together we will develop a blueprint for your business that clarifies your path for the future and establishes clear milestones for growth. We may also work on balancing your need to manage the business while still ensuring that you have time to think about, look at and create great design work.

You have the capacity to communicate your values, strengths, goals and capabilities to your core constituents.

Sometimes the most difficult work to promote is your own. Your principal job is to do great work . . . but don't keep it a secret.  The way you describe your work and your business must come from you, clearly and truthfully.  That's language, not lingo.  Together we will uncover the most effective way that you can talk about what you do with the people who want and need your services.

Jennifer continually impresses me with her insight, in-depth analysis and overall strategic thinking.
— Emily Cohen, Consultant to Creative Professionals

What We've Achieved

  • Dozens of successful firm positionings that have led to more and stronger new business leads.
  • Renaming that more adequately reflects the size and scale of several businesses.
  • Countless new business research dossiers that continue to yield successful new leads.
  • PR contacts that have yielded featured articles, mentions and quotes as well as podcast and conference appearances.
  • Sustainable communications strategies that are scaled to our clients' needs, capabilities and expectations.