Watermark Capital Group

Services: Branding and messaging strategy; Copywriting

We worked with Jeff Burroughs and his team at Creative Concept Global to re-design the real estate developers communications, including this website and a company brochure. The central opportunity we saw here was to highlight their deep commitment to community, as well as to draw connections with each neighborhood or properties unique history. Working with Jeff and his team was an absolute delight.



Services: Positioning and messaging strategy; Copywriting

Our goal for this hospitality-focused design firm based in New York City was to demonstrate the deep insight Memo has developed as an expert in the field. The case studies and user "quotes" highlight the emotional resonance of the Memo team's design solutions. Douglas Riccardi, the firm principal takes his client and their customers through a journey via design.



Services: Brand and messaging strategy and copywriting.

This newly-launched fashion brand needed to put a stake in the ground and establish itself as a player in the industry. We worked with Jeff Burroughs and his team to deliver a brand presence that has energy, enthusiasm and not a little bit of kitsch.



Services: Positioning and messaging strategy; Copywriting

Design firm principal Jim Wawrzewski wanted to communicate the extent to which smart design leads to action for his clients. We developed the strategy and content to help Ludlow6 more effectively address how this happens - particular for clients who may not be experienced at working with designers - and what success looks like for his clients. The firm's case studies became the focal point of this work, walking his audience through his process and highlighting key outcomes, including client testimonials.