communications strategy. Positioning. Press Relations. Content Development. New Business development. Lead Generation.


Comprehensive Communications Toolbox

Know your audience. Develop meaningful relationships. Demonstrate your capabilities. Reinforce credibility. Showcase your personality. Be relevant. While you have many tools available to you, the key is to develop the right tools to communicate most effectively with your audiences.  Your communications toolbox may include anything from a simple capabilities packet to a firm blog to the investigation of strategic partnerships within your targeted client industry.  We may explore social media outlets or focus on analog communications. We might also choose to develop non-written communications, working instead on raising your profile as a design thinker, leader and innovator within your targeted client industry.


Positioning for Long-term Growth

Your core strengths, values, skills and goals should be articulated throughout your communications. It may appear as a succinct statement on your website but should also be expressed visually and through tone and content in every client-based communication. Through a positioning workshop, we develop a blueprint for your larger communications strategy that may include the development of your elevator pitch, capabilities packet, website content, new business presentations, social media plan and overall outreach strategy.


Press Relations that amplify your message

Developing meaningful relationships with the press - local, regional, professional and client-focused - gives you a platform for amplifying your insights and ideas. We can identify relevant stories that emerge from your experiences and intersect with what writers and editors want to bring to their readers.


Client-focused Content development

Content marketing is a competitive advantage for small creative businesses because your value is in your thinking as much as in your services. You know firsthand that your business is greater than the sum of your portfolio; your vision matters. You can present that vision through a smartly-written vision statement or through succinct project descriptions and case studies. Great first steps toward developing content your clients can connect with. But go the step further and prepare content they can actually USE. In the end, your goal is effective communications, not the haphazard delivery of information anywhere to anyone.


Relationship-driven NEW BUSINESS development

Many small businesses claim to want to add 50 or 100 or 200 new names to their prospect list in any given year. A worthy goal? To what end? If you send unsolicited, unfocused marketing materials to 100 people who have no interest in you, already receive a fair amount of junk mail and are possibly not even the right people to hire you, then what have you accomplished? To develop your client base effectively and sustainably, you need to develop relationships. You do that by getting to know the right people and engaging with them - as people, as professionals, as peers.


long-Tail lead generation

Research. Research. Research. Align your business with those who need your services. Identify the decision-makers and influencers. Learn about their goals, concerns, anxieties, needs and expectations. Make meaningful contact, sustainably. Develop relationships. Lead generation is about more than just a long list of names. It's about finding the right people who actually want to work with you, will benefit from your expertise and insights, and who will enable you to do the best of what you do. Find them. Let them know who you are and what you do. Formulate long-lasting relationships with them. Let them sing your praises.

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