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“I’ve recommended and collaborated with Jennifer Rittner in a variety of consulting situations where she conducted industry research and helped carve out overarching communications strategies for many of my clients all of whom are design firms. Jennifer is always lovely to work with and continually impresses me with her insight, in-depth analysis and overall strategic thinking. Her final deliverables and recommendations are always both impressive in scope and on target with my client’s objectives. I’m currently collaborating with her on developing a business symposium where she continues to add value and push me in new directions.”
— Emily Cohen, Consultant to Creative Professionals
“Jennifer’s approach to business takes the overwhelming task of business strategy and makes it seem manageable. We worked on exercises and mapping my business, which allowed me to see new possibilities and accomplishments. She understands both business and design. She works with you to define an approach that is tailored to your goals and includes her knowledge and insights about the industry. I refer back to our roadmap often and the insights she provided changed my perception of my practice and how to move forward.”
— Kristine Mudd, Principal, MuddPuppy